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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Denormal issues with Low quality setting ?

I'm doing some tests with Pristine Space demo and I'm very well impressed.  But then I stumbled on something that looks like a denormal issue.

My setup: Intel P4 2.4GHz notebook, Win XP; host: Fruityloops 4.51 Studio Producer.

Pristine settings: True Stereo Reverb Insert preset with two 24-bit impulses loaded, no envelopes, 16384 samples latency (trying to achieve lowest CPU usage).

When quality is Max everything seems fine, with CPU around 20~25%.  When I change quality to Low on any channel the CPU usage rises to about 60~80% (and stays there) after any sound passes thru the plug-in.  With both channels at Low quality the CPU tops at 100%.

Any ideas?

I'll check this out, thanks for the report.
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