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Hello Aleksey,

yesterday I bought the convolution Suite.

Final Version of Pristine works very smooth now!  No clicks or strange behaviour while editing.  I like it!

My suggestions/ wish list for pristine:

1.  Instead of "St.Width" I would prefer to have a pan envelope option, with two seperate lines for LR adjustments.

This would keep the Stereo width feature (pan setting could be 0-200%) with additional possibilities to manipulate the ER and Reverb- tail direction.

2.  I don't need the upper reset switch.  It can be confusing with the envelope reset.  It happened to me, that I threw out the IR instead of the edited envelope.

3.  Undo button for the last envelope edit would be nice.

Greets, vanielik

I plan to take the plunge myself, and add Pristine to the other Voxengo plugs I own.  I love the fact that the plug can be used in real time.  Woo hoo!

One suggestion (for now): PLEASE increase the size of the handles on the EQ section.  If you made the small red circle much larger it would be easier to tweak.

A much larger, and easier to grab, disk would greatly improve the usability

vanielik, thanks for the suggestions.  Right now I don't see a possibility to create such 'L/R' pan control.  However, I may include a single pan control.  Do you think it could be useful?

Upper reset button is necessary, so I won't remove it.

Undo button is planned.

Daniel, do you think larger points will be OK for all envelopes?

Hello Aleksey,

I don't think that there is a need for a "normal" pan control, it's already in the host.

A time aligned pan ( envelope ) pan control would be more useful.

Hi Aleksey,

Yes!  I think larger points for all envelopes would be a great boost to usability (especially for high-resolution monitors!)


vanielik, yes I was thinking exactly about time-aligned pan control for the envelope (like volume, st.width and others).

<<yes I was thinking exactly about time-aligned pan control for the envelope (like volume, st.width and others).>>


Hello Aleksey,

There are many IR's where I wish I could smooth out the LR balance of the ER's and the reverb tail or I could give the ER's a little bit more direction etc..

Therefore I would appreciate to have the pan envelope feature.

I like the envelope handles just the way they are.  If you make them bigger they will start to obscure the waveform.  Please don't change them.
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