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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Pristine Space, convolution bundle updates? 64bit? AU support?

i've asked a few times and dropped some subtle and not so subtle pleas on the social networks but i'm pretty discouraged that this bundle will live on to join the rest of modern software and support current operating systems and 64bit DAWs.

kind of a bummer as it's so useful and sounds so good and has so many uses.

is there any news at all? any hint to current development status? all i've read is that "not any time soon" and that was a few years ago.

not trying to pile on but i'm just ready to throw my hands up in the air in regard to pristine space and the convolution bundle.

Sorry, no news.  We focus on products that generate income, such products as Deconvolver or Impulse Modeler in all their uniqueness do not generate income.

does that include pristine space?

i understand the bottom line and where resources need to go etc but it's unfortunate that such useful tools won't make it to OS X. sad that pristine space isn't a better generator of income.


I would like to see an update to this great plugin too.  I've been using it for years now and it's the best of it's kind.  It would be a shame to have it fall into the clutches of dust-ware.  64-bit support please!!!

Thank you,


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