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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Suggestion for next update or version: ducking of wet signal based on dry signal

I would just like to suggest a feature to the plugin that ducked the wet signal depending on the level of the dry signal.

Perhaps working something like this:


I imagine something like a knob to set input-level cutoff in dB.  This would regulate when the ducking effect would kick in.  For example; setting it to 6 dB would mean that anytime the dry signal was above 6 dB the ducking of the wet signal would be active.


And then followed by a knob to adjust how much the wet signal should be dampened in dB.  For example; setting it to 20 dB would lower the wet signal by 20 dB anytime the ducking was active (controlled by setting in #1)

Maybe some attack/release controls also (how quick the ducking should adjust the volume-change of the wet signal), although auto-values or standard-values might work fine here for most musical purposes.

I know I can do this by using 2 tracks and normal ducking methods, but it would be easier if it was featured directly in the plugin :)



My platform: Win7 home premium x64 // I use Voxengo 32bit & 64bit VST plugs in Reaper 5.x 32bit and 64bit

I do not quite like the concept nor understand its usability.  It is like moving the signal source in a room back and forth.  So, won't pursue it, sorry.

Maybe my explanation of the idea wasn't optimal :)

The idea is to have the wet signal (the reverb) duck down only when the dry signal (vocals for example) are heard.

Its aim is to make the dry signal stand out more clearly even when you aim for a louder wet signal.

This way you can have a more powerful reverb without drowning the vocals or making them all muddy (which can be useful artistically)

The idea is similar to 'normal' ducking (reducing bass during kick), except here it is reducing wet during dry.

An even more advanced method would be to allow the ducking to only take place in either the mid-channel or side-channel while leaving the other channel untouched.  Again; this can be useful artistically for special effects or to further isolate dry vocals while having huge rooms around them.

The "TC Helicon VoiceLive" stomp-box (sadly that's hardware only) has a preset called "longverb ducked" which sounds amazing.

Their manual describes the ducking-feature this way: "When DUCKING is set to ON, the delay output will be reduced while you are singing.  At the end of a sung phrase, the delay effects return to the level you set.  This can increase the clarity of your vocals while still sounding very “wet”."

Anyway, it was just an idea :)

Thanks anyway.

My platform: Win7 home premium x64 // I use Voxengo 32bit & 64bit VST plugs in Reaper 5.x 32bit and 64bit

I understood your idea initially, but still think that it is overly "freeform" approach to reverb processing.

This kind of ducking should be possible with a side-chain to another processor to control the volume, completely independent of Pristine-Space.

Feed the side-chain with material to control the ducking effect.

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