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I'm glad some DAWs support both 32-bit and 64-bit VSTs simultaneously.  So it's possible to use the 32-bit version of Pristine Space in some DAWs.  And use the IR files that you may have available for other convolution reverbs, like Convolution Reverb Pro that is part of Ableton Live Suite.

Any update on a new version of Pristine Space?  A 64-bit version would make life much easier.  Recently I've tested other alternatives to Pristine Space and it's still the best!

Any news on this ?

Using PS on Win10 64bit is getting a bit troublesome...

No news.

Pristine Space




new features

it was the first and maybe still the most used Voxengo plugin we ever bought

still one of the best - especially if you do surround


Well, Pristine Space wasn't discontinued completely.  It is highly outdated, but I still have plans to work on it sometime in the future.  It's not of high priority, unfortunately as it looks like convolution reverbs have lost their big following they had several years ago.

Hi Aleksey,

I'm sorry to contradict you, but I don't think we can say that convolution reverb technique is outmoded or deserted by user !  Rather, it is a promising technique and the only one able to give a real acoustic afterwards.  In the field of classical music, in any case, this technique makes unanimous.

Actually you should change your plans regarding Pristine Space which is a great tool, and consider its update !


Jean-Martial Golaz

You are right that convolution reverbs are useful in any case.  What I've witnessed is that generally convolution reverbs were surpassed by advanced algorithmic reverbs which entered the market lately.  They offer dense reverbs with good spatialization plus modulation features.  I do not want to say convolution reverbs are useless now, but they have lost the market share greatly.

It's also good to remember that one reason why people might not buy so many convolution reverbs nowadays is that some DAWs include their own convolution reverb.  Ableton Live 9 Suite is one example.

Yes, but all DAWs also have decent EQ these days, and still there are Voxengo EQs being sold.

I have a Bricasti in the studio and still do 95% of the productions (classical) with Pristine Space and my own sampled spaces.

I am not aware of VST reverbs offering the same level of the Bricasti, so there must be something about convolution reverb which is still quite superior.

Of course, I imagine the biggest problem Aleksey is facing would be a library of spaces, which was never really included with Pristine Space.

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