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Not in the near future for sure.

I just finished an 2 week ordeal to get Pyramix 9 (64 bit) to work on my 64 bit system.

Pyramix 8 was 32bit only.

Now I notice Pristine Space is not 64bit host compatible !


After two years !


I would gladly pay the price we all already paid, just to get it to work.

If I switch to another plugin, nothing is backward compatible.

This is a plain nightmare.

jbridge works, but the plugin does not show up in Pyamix 9 64bit.


Try to contact jBridge's developer for a possible solution to this bridging issue.

I can try, but I am starting to think it is a Pyramix issue.

They are notoriously slow and unresponsive.

On the other hand, I seem to recollect that PS was one of your first big successes.

On top of that, I truly feel it is still the best convolution reverb out there, for those who whish to dig into the IRs themselves.

All the rest have fancy eyecandy, but very imprecise controls.  Or gadgets to add some "artificial" reverb quality (which, almost invariably, sounds awful).

The fastest and best way to succes would be a Pristine Space update, with 64bit support.

This is a really big problem.  I finally was able to install Pyramix 9 64bit, but I use Pristine Space on almost every project !

This means I will have to revert back to Pyramix 8, or hope that Pyramix 9 32 bit will install on a 64 bit OS - which I seriously doubt.

If VST3 and 64 bit support comes with a big (V2) upgrade, no problem.

I would gladly pay a big upgrade.

Hello Aleksey,

I have been using jbridge for a while now.  It is not working decently with Pyramix, automation and presets are hit and miss.

Do you have any info on a 64bit Pristine Space ?

I only have one 32bit Windows system left - cannot fit more than 2GB ram...

Ppppplease ?

Pristine Space is still on sale, but there is no major progress on 64-bit version yet.

I always check back from time to time to see if there's a new Pristine Space or Redunoise yet.  Maybe next year... ;-)

Re-expressing an interest in a 64 bit version of Pristine Space.

None of the convolution reverbs I have support multiple file imports, which means I have to make 'quad' files from stereo left and right impulses - a most tedious process.

Also, the other plugins are not user friendly: inconvenient GUI, limited and/or annoying feature sets (Waves IR, Steinberg Reverence).

The only CV I know that is competitive is Altiverb, which is very expensive.

I'd rather pay Aleksey for a 64 bit upgrade then fork out for another very expensive CV.

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Imo PS is one of the plugins which made Voxengo great.

Seems like a waste letting it become neglected .....

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