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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space 64 bit version ?

No, it won't be released anywhere soon.

Beside that, I can't release stereo-only version of Pristine Space like PS Light due to prior agreement with Cakewalk.  I will be working on a multi-channel version in the future.

Deleted, problem solved

Hello Aleksey,

now that I'm using the stable version of Max 6.1 64 bits, I would like to add my wish that in the next future you'll have time to devote for a 64 bits version of your Pristine.  Although I'm a hard-core user of Csound, I still find your algorithm one of the best and efficient ever done: bravo!

happy new ear


..unfortunately jbridger doesn't work for Max 6.1.6...


doati: what doesn't work in JBridge?  I have 64bit Live 9.1 and Max Runtime 6.1.6 and I have been able to run several 32bit VSTs using JBridge.  Haven't tried Pristine Space yet though, because Max4Live comes with its own Convolution Reverb in Live9 Suite.

Come on Sir.....

Make it work....

Your plugs-in are great so we WANT them in 64bits...


I Love your stuff ... but Pristine Space is my favorite and most used ....  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get us the 64 bit version!!!!!!


Another long time hardcore user of Pristine Space that moved to 64 bit OS and can't use it anymore.  I also have 2 high end collections of Impulse Responses that are of little use now (Sonic lab Halls of Fame and Samplicity).

I am surprised that there is low demand for this convolution reverb; why pay more for 'the competition'?  I guess people don't know better, even though it was praised in a popular mixing book.

Another ready buyer of an update!

George Piazza - - Mastering, Mixing, Restoration - 'Supernatural Horror' = Music, Sound Design - progressive rock group

Any news?

I would like to see an update to 64 bit and OsX too.

Or has Pristine Space been secreetly discontinued?



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