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I am looking for a multi-component plugin that can help simulate live seating for brass or strings

The plugin would comprised:

1) the modeler

2) The convolver engine

3) insert plugins

4) virtual microphone plugins

Use case:

Step 1) Use the modeler to model the sound stage and seating and generate "virtual seats" which or "virtual sound sources"

it also creates "virtual microphone placements"

Step 2) Put the conlvolver in it's own track

Step 3) for each individual instrument recorded one would add a "virtual seat send effect" this would send the sound to the convolver which sums/convolves the sources and then send the out put to the virtual microphones

Step 4) One can place "virtual microphones" on new tracks for further processing.

For people doing overdubs of string sections or brass - this would be a blessing!

Thanks for the suggestion!  Your approach is quite complex, I personally had an idea to combine impulse modeler with convolver - I do not see a need for additional insert FX nor microphone modeling - it won't be a "real thing" anyway.
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