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I use Pristine Space for a high end home audio set up.  These days fioles are readily available in many sample rates.  The program I use to generate the (32 bit) correction .wav file can produce .wavs with 44.1, 48, 88.2 .....etc etc.

It isn't necessary to use the matching sample rate with the convolver (I run eg 48kHz music files through with a 44.1 .wav correction file).  But will this result in my 48 file being down-converted to 44.1 then convolved, then up-converted to 48 again?  All this conversion would worry me as an audiophile no end!

The alternative of loading the matching correction file is much to cumbersome for normal use though.

Look forward to your thoughts on this matter.



Of course, it is always better to use impulse files of the matching sample rate with your project.  On the other hand, adequately resampled impulse responses are rarely worse than the original except that they have a minor high-frequency drop.  Such resampling should not be compared to sample rate conversion of a whole track.  Pristine Space performs impulse resampling of adequate quality.
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