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I just noticed, if I DO NOT set the User Acces Control in Windows 7 32bit to the lowest setting, I cannot change the latency.  On restart of the host (SSL Soundscape V6) it just reverts to the setting I used during my installation (since then I reset the UAC to a normal setting).

The problem is understandable, however I'm not able to fix it.  If it's not overly inconvenient could you try running Soundscape with admin rights (right-click on the shortcut)?

Thanks.  That solved it.  I set the shortcut to start Soundscape PERMANENTLY as administrator using the properties button.

EDIT: no it does not work, as now I cannot access all my harddiscs from within Soundscape

I'm sorry for this issue.  At the moment I have no idea how to solve it.  This issue does not manifest itself in most other host applications.

Even though, it may be a bit inconvenient if needed frequently (hopefully not), could you change the latency with UAC at the lowest setting and then setting UAC to normal?  Does this work?

Yes, I was not clear about this.  Setting UAC to off enables me to change latency.  However I read somewhere, if initially you install most programs with UAC on, strange problems can surface when you start running your PC with UAC off ?

Maybe I should just leave it off permanently - I always click yes anyway.

If your computer is not connected to the Internet or you have some antiviral software installed, and you are installing software from trusted parties only, I do not personally see a reason to use UAC.
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