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Last night I bought myself a copy of 8-ch Pristine Space and downloaded all free IRs advised for the plugin here on Voxengo, but all of them appear to be in stereo.  I'm using a 6.2 power amp configuration on my digital organ and now I'm looking for discrete 5 or 6 channel IR material, other than the lick-your-fingers Altiverb Mac stuff.  So, where do I find that and where do I find a compatible VST host that plays back 8 channels of audio in real time?  I'm using Windows 7 and planning to buy an M-Audio 8x8 Fast Track (8R?) USB 2.0 interface to go with it.

Thanks in advance,

Cheerz, Aida, Amsterdam-NL.

I suggest you to try Reaper - it's quite affordable.  As far as multi-channel IRs are concerned, there is not much offer exists.  You could also try to load 4 similar stereo impulses - this way it's also possible to create surround soundscapes.

You won't find many free IR in surround - they are too hard to make - but there are libraries out there, as well as online resources where you can buy as little - or as much - as you need.

See for a good starting point, where you will find free Bricasti M7 impulses in Quad - you won't need (or at least, should not) reverb on centre of LFE...........most of the time.

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