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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space New version 1.1 of Samplicity's FREE Bricasti M7 IR library is out!

In version 1.0 a channel swap error has been found, which has been fixed in the new 1.1 version.  This affected all TrueStereo presets.  If you know if any of your friends have downloaded the first version, please tell them to replace the 1.0 version with a download of the 1.1 version.  Or retweet or repost this announcement on your favourite social community sites and forums.  I will also add a set of presets for LiquidSonics' Reverberate, which have been kindly provided by LiquidSonics.

And if you like these high quality impulse responses and if you can use them for your work, please consider to make a donation, to help me cover my development, gear and hosting costs.  Much appreciated!

You can now download the new version from:

Happy music making and mixing!

Peter Emanuel Roos

Peter Emanuel Roos / (IR libs)

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