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I've been having trouble with Pristine Space under Max/MSP 5.1 on Windows 7: the plug-in doesn't seem to read or write the "global settings" i.e.  PS runs as unregistered and there is no way of setting the number of inputs/outputs, latency, etc.  I assume this is a problems with the MSP VST host since there any no problems with any other e.g.  Cubase, Bidule, VST Plugin Analyzer.

I was wondering if anyone can give me a hint on how to debug this e.g. where/how does PS store this information?  That'll at least give me something concrete to get back to Cycling '74 with...

Thanks in advance!


Please try to temporarily disable UAC, and then run the "Register Pristine Space" shortcut with admin privileges (right click on the shortcut).  Then also try running Max/MSP with admin privileges.

Thanks, Aleksey.

Disabling UAC certainly seems to do the trick for registration but UAC also needs to be disabled to change any of the the global setting e.g. to change the number of output channels, one has to disable UAC, reboot, change the setting, enable UAC and reboot yet again.

However, I've found a simpler solution: run Max using the Windows 7 XP compatibility setting!

OK, I'm glad this is working after all.
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