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Hi folks,

Happy new year!

I'm having trouble with random drop outs with Pristine Spae 1.8, under Windows XP, using ASIO via an EMU 0404.

I have found the same issue using both energy XT and FLStudio.

It is not my CPU usage, as this is a relatively new computer and in the test cases, CPU usage was sub 2%.

It occurs even if I crank latency up to more than 8800.

It's occurs regardless of whether I use ASIO4All or the card's own.

Any idea what may be causing it?

Many thanks,


Probably it's because you have not authorized Pristine Space with your key?

Really?  That's hilarious...

(tries it out)

Well that's embarrassing.  It now works perfectly.  Evidently when I moved to the new machine I forgot to authorise it.

There are no nag screens, and the drop out is so short it *could* be mistaken for an ASIO bug.

Anyway - problem fixed.  Thanks!

You are welcome, sorry this isn't obvious on the user interface.  All newer plug-ins have an explicit "Demo" indication.
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