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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Reverb Impulse files: do bit and sample rates matter?

I recently upgraded to Pristine Space.

I record audio in 24 bit/44.1 kHz.

I have a collection of WAV reverb impulse files.  Some are 24 bit others are 32 bit.  Some are in 44.1 kHz and others in 48 kHz.  The files provided by Sonar for PerfectSpace all seem to be in 32 bit/ 44.1kHz format.

Is it safe to assume that 32/44.1 kHz is the most compatible file format for reverb impulse files when recording/mixing at 24/44.1kHz (and using 32 bit float for mixing/plug-ins)?

Are there any concerns about reverb sonic quality when using an impulse file that is in a different sample rate than the recorded project?

What about different sample rates?

Thanks in advance.

For Pristine Space, there is almost no difference between sample rates of Impulse files you are using.  Pristine Space performs sample rate conversion of good quality.  Of course, for best results it's suggested to use impulse files of the same sample rate as your project.

Bit depth should not be considered at all - Pristine Space internally converts all input files to 32-bit floating point.

Thank you!

You are welcome!
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