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Pristine Space works fine when inserted after Hauptwerk 64 bit synth in Sonar Pro 8 64 bit using Vista 64 bit.  However Sonar becomes unresponsive (locked) when PS is inserted after the synth in Sonar using Windows 7 64 bit.  Sonar will work during a session if PS is inserted before the synth then moved after the synth.  However, sonar will lock if the session is re-opened.  I must reboot to get Sonar to open again if it locks.

Why would I need jbridge to get Pristine Space to work when Perfect Space works just fine in a 64 bit environment?

For others information, these applications work MUCH faster in Windows 7 64 than Vista 64 using the same 64 bit computer.

An unrelated question, either PS ameliorates frequencies below 25 Hz.  Is this due to the impulse file or a PS setting I am unaware of.  I have tried many impulse files

Unfortunately, Pristine Space is not guaranteed to work correctly via 32-to-64 bridge.  There is nothing I can do at the moment - only a new major version release will fix this, but right now there is no release date set for a new major version.

Pristine Space does not apply any kind of filtering on its own (if EQ envelope is turned off), so if you see a lack of content below 25 Hz, it's not produced by Pristine Space - it may be due to impulse response or another plug-in.

Any news about updating this to a x64 version yet?

No news, sorry.


Also what's the Hi Pass set at?

carlman: Also what's the Hi Pass set at?

I do not understand your question.  What is the context of your question?

The High Pass (or Low pass) filters on PS software itself.  What are the values/parameters.

The low- and high-pass filter envelopes are time-variant.  Horizontal scale is time, vertical scale is cutoff frequency.

I know this is a bit OT, but to clarify, why would anyone need IR info below 25Hz?  Even bass amp IRs would be adaquate to me down to 25Hz (lowest note B on 5 string is @ 30Hz).

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I will buy another IR-convolution VST that are in x64 instead.

I'm very sorry Aleksey, I like overall your products.  I don't understand why you wont update Pristine Space to x64?

Best Regards


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