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If I purchase pristine space now, will I get a free upgrade to the 64-bit version when it's ready?  Now that Kontakt, Ivory, and many others are 64-bit, I'm having a *really* hard time justifying any further 32-bit-only purchases.

Also, could anyone characterize when a 64-bit version might be available?  The 64-bit ship is sailing now - it's no longer a niche and has become quite necessary with the size of todays libraries.



Whether you get a free upgrade or not depends how much time will pass after the purchase.  But I can't guarantee I will release Pristine Space upgrade soon.

True 64-bit world is still a bit small - at the moment 64-bit downloads reach less than 15% of 32-bit version downloads.

With all respect though, one of your most popular plugins is not available in 64-bit.  So I'm not sure how meaningful the 15% figure is.  Even at that though, 15% is pretty substantial!

Thankyou for the reply.  I have great respect for the quality and affordable plugins you've created.  Back when Kontakt and others were 32-bit only, running a 64-bit daw was not a viable option for guys like me anyway, even though the need was very much there.  Things have definately changed now.  On a 12gb daw with numerous vst instruments and effects installed, I can't have my convolution reverb being the one thing telling me how much memory I can and can't use.  I will unfortunately have to go with a more expensive option :(


Sure, I understand the inconvenience - unfortunately, I can't do everything at once.


I can't get the registrastion of PS to work when using jbridge.  After entering my registration numbers, PS is still unregistered.

That's a real shame, because otherwise PS seems to work fine with jbridge.  I can load my IRs just as in 32 bit Cubase 4, and the reverb sounds just fine.  However, as PS cannot be registered, I suffer from reverb dropouts, which of course makes PS unusable with jbridge at the moment.

Can anything be done about this?

I'm thinking you could perhaps make a special PS-version without the registration control, which registered users could download.  Then instead, add a limited lifetime for the software.  Something like 3 months perhaps.  When those 3 months have gone by, you could just make a new version of PS where the lifetime was adjusted to yet another 3 months.  Etc.  Then do this until the 64 bit version of PS was available.

Would that work?

Right now, PS is the only showstopper for me when it comes to 64 bit.

Best regards,


You may try disabling UAC and running the host application with administrative privileges.

Right now I'm not sure about the reg.approach you've mentioned.

I understand.  Disabling UAC is not an option for me, so I can't try that.

- Right now I'm leaning towards using PS unregistered via jbridge, and then just live with having a break in reverb every 25. seconds.  Annoying, though.

Unfortunately, running PS via jbridge is a half-solution.  I know, it's annoying not to have 64-bit native version, but currently there is no such version available.

You may disable UAC temporarily, enter the key via the "Register" shortcut using admin privileges, and then enable UAC again.

That worked, superb!  Thanks a lot.

jbridge is a sort of hack, I know.

But it makes PS usable in a 64 bit environment here and now, which is what I need.  Then whenever a "real" 64 bit version of PS becomes available, I will of course switch to that.

Thanks again for the support & the tip on how to get PS registered.  I appreciate your help.

You are welcome, I'm glad it worked.
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