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Hi all,

I have the following issue:

I have a MAX/MSP patch which uses several PS instances with multithreading/multiprocessor, which has run fine for almost a year (with no downtime)on several Quadcore machines (intel Q6600, asus mobo PC winXP).

Now I have a new machine (core i7 920, asus P6T mobo, winXP) on which the patch incidentally crashes the whole machine.

When I remove the PS instances from the patch, everything is fine.

The machine itself is stable (and not overclocked), according to several burnin/ benchmark tests that I have run for several DAYS.Also there are no heat issues.

Does anyone have experience with the core i7's?

Could it be the hyperthreading which is misunderstood by the multythreading of PS?

max 5.0.7

PS 1.7.3

Right now I cannot tell anything about this problem.  If you have more than 2GB of memory, this may also cause problems as previous generation of Voxengo plug-ins like Pristine Space are unable to work with memory >2GB.  I've tried to address this problem, but was not succesful at that.  Newer plug-ins should not have this problem.  Future major Pristine Space version should also fix this problem.  Right now you may try to limit amount of memory available to the Max by enabling e.g.  Windows98 compatibility (hopefully this will work).

Hi Aleksey,

This could be a problem, since my new machine has 3 GB.  My old machine also had 3GB, but I forgot to enable the 3GB switch.  Do you think that disabling the 3GB switch in XP could also help fixing the problem.


Yes, disabling the /3GB switch may help.
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