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Hello Aleksey,

I am extensively using room measured MLS audio sequences and related computed IR's from Purebits in my room correction work and exploring task towards surround sound

Which of those time related data stream should I use into Pristine space, an existing and power plugin I just owned recently, to replicate the natural decay of my former room acoustics measurement into raw flat audio?

Can I use Deconvolver to get the IR from those MLS audio sequences, ready for transfer and use into Pristine Space?

all the best

I'm not very familiar with MLS techniques - I know they are based on noise and later auto-correlation processing, that's probably all I know about MLS.

As long as you have an unprocessed original "test tone" file (noise burst) you may use Deconvolver to perform deconvolution.  Deconvolver however performs "precise" deconvolution - it is unable to recover impulse file from any noise burst if you cannot provide the original noise file used.

thanks Aleksey,

I'll give it a try when possible, and will provide you test results and feed back in combining that MLS technique with deconvolver

OK, you are welcome!

Back on,

Importing an IR's computed by Sample Champion TM software works fine into Pristine space, when primarily saved as either PCM or IEEE wave files

I did my home listening room impulse response using a 64K MLS burst, then resampled it using R8brainPRO and loaded as the convolution to apply on my audio test file

After some time spend (!) on forming enveloppes the result is of excellent quality, I was not a "reverb fan" until then, to be honest


Funny story is that I came to both Voxengo and Superbit products the same day, by a link supported by Professor Farina (Italia), a master in ambisonics research

Your companies were quoted there as references for convolution / deconvolution softwares

And Voxengo do so much's my 2nd VST toolbox for many audio instances...

All the best

Thanks for your support!

(But MLS burst has to be auto-correlation processed).

SampleChampion does autocorrelation and deconvolving task on real time when computing the MLS burst, and outputs properly formatted files ready to apply in PS!

I did a mistake, PS may not import IEEE files, so does Deconvolver...

For your information, both PS and Deconvolver can read correctly-defined IEEE 32-bit float WAV files.
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