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In the Samplicity IR library, some patches have multiple IRs above what is necessary to achieve true stereo.


Large Hall IRs (Samplicity)

How do I use these?  I can't figure out which files to use, and how to set up Pristine Space for it.


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It's explained on the Samplicity site:

L and R for use of TrueStereo.

C for use of normal Stereo.

Yes, but what about the other IRs - how does one use them?

Look at the example above.

Apart from Large Hall L, R and C, there are:

Large Hall, More ERs

Large Hall, ERs Only

Large Hall, Tail Only

Large Hall, Larger Size

All with L, R, C.

I'm curious to find out how to use them.

Well, I think the authors of Samplicity should give you a guidance and usage guidelines.

Aleksey, I agree, but I can't seem to get in touch with the author (Peter Roos) - he has not replied to any of the two e-mails I have sent him about this.

He's a nice and kind guy with whom I have had e-mail contact earlier, but I think he's been busy with a move of location.  I read something like that on another forum.

Anyway, I will try a third time to get in touch with him.

If there is still no reply, I hope you will forgive me for posting here again.

This is something I would really like to figure out how to use.


hbuus: Yes, but what about the other IRs - how does one use them?

hbuus: Look at the example above.

hbuus: Apart from Large Hall L, R and C, there are:

hbuus: Large Hall, More ERs

hbuus: Large Hall, ERs Only

hbuus: Large Hall, Tail Only

hbuus: Large Hall, Larger Size

hbuus: All with L, R, C.

hbuus: I'm curious to find out how to use them.

Is it really so hard?  You don't know what "Larger Size" means for example?  Come on.

More ERs = More early reflections

ERs Only = Early reflections only

Tail Only = No early reflections

I know what the different things mean.

But how do I use them?

Let's take the "More ERs" impulse responses for example.

There are L, R and C.

How do I use these?

Do I just take the default True Stereo setup, which uses slot 1 and slot 2 in PS, and then load the three "More ERs" IRs mentioned above into slots 3, 4 and 5, respectively?

No you just choose two L+R files for the room/reverb you need.  If you need just a bit ambience for example you might use "ERs only" and so on ...

Ah, ok.  Well, that is simple enough! :-)

Thanks, Dandruff.

I have a similar impulse set, called HallsOfFame.

Aleksey, it would be nice if you could find an easier solution (for a future upgrade of PS) to load True Stereo Impulse sets (L/R/C) with just one/two mouseclicks like it is done in SIR2 (

It's quite well done in SIR2 where you can also quickly compare Stereo vs TrueStereo usage (after you have created a special .sir file from the L/R/C set, of course).

Currently it's a pain if you want to quickly try different impulse sets in PS.

Nonetheless (I don't know why), but PS still sounds slightly better than SIR2 with the same Wet/Dry level settings.


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