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Hi, I've read a couple of previous posts on this but I'm still having trouble.

I choose 6 channels (for 5.1) in the inputs menu item on Pristine Space (PS), then I unload PS from the inserts panel, then I open the plugins window in Cubase and choose 'Update' which rescans the plugins.  I reload PS as an insert and open its window, - it says 6inputs/6outputs on the right hand side, but only the first two are active(fullcolour), the other channels on PS are inactive (faded colour).  The Cubase channel I am inserting PS into is a 5.1 channel.  What am I doing wrong?  I've also tried restarting Cubase but to no effect.

Make sure to enable the channels in the channel number selector on the bottom left of the user interface.

Thanks this worked

OK, you are welcome!
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