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Hi - New to Voxengo, Pristine Space, and this forum.

I have SONAR 8.0.2 and have been using Pristine Space's "little brother", Perfect Space, that is included with SONAR for some time now - been fairly happy and no major problems with it.

I decided to upgrade to the "Real thing" and bought Pristine Space a week or two ago.  As I put it on my first project, in place of the Perfect Space plug that was there - using the same IR (but twice now -channels 1&2 - because I can LOL), all of a sudden playback is full of Rice Crispies.  CPU usage shows nothing severe happening - 30 to 50 percent usage across the 4 cores.

I've tried setting latency to 8192 and 16384 (on the plug) and it seemed to get a little better, but did not go away.

Any advice?



RESOLVED - I upped the buffers for my Interface (RME Fireface 800) and that instantly and totally resolved the issue.


OK, thanks for the details.  Indeed, audio buffer size is the first thing to check in such situation - this is also mentioned in the manual.
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