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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Request: Embed IR directly in project file

Seeing all the plugins are getting an update over time, i'd like to suggest, that Pristine Space stores the used impulse responses directly into the project file.  Maybe this behaviour could be an option.  Currently i don't like the fact that one has to keep track of absolute paths, further more working together on a project requires both persons to reload the file everytime, if it isn't stored at the same location on their HDD.  I'm using Renoise as host, where everything is stored directly into the module files.  This would also be a nice way to backup the files, without worrying for missing references.

I'm considering this option.  I'm not keen on it knowing that not all hosts handle big preset data blocks correctly, but allowing such option is possible.  Another difficulty is that storing data in a preset file is a slower process, so it may reduce host's responsivity when saving project file.

Yes, i'm aware problems might arise with some hosts.  That's why i wanted it as option.  Another solution could be a configurable value for some sort of data directory with an auto search feature for missing IRs and relative paths maybe.

Auto search is already available in Pristine Space - exactly for that purpose.
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