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Hi, I am using PerfectSpace inside Plogue bidule.  I am getting either a memory allocation error from within perfect space, an out-of-memory message when I try to load an impulse response, or occasionally the following error from bidule:


WndProc exception on 0000000F: CreateDIBSection () returned error in LinearBitmap

I have 2 gigs of physical and 2 gigs of virtual memory, and the physical memory usage never goes above 60%, so I don't get why I would get an out of memory message.  Can you help?

I have two instances of the plugin running in the layout.  The other one works fine, but I just use it for one thing so I never change the settings.

Let me know if you need any more info.

I've taken this up with the bidule folks too, btw.

Thanks for your help.


Unfortunaly, I'm not sure I can help here.  This "CreateDIBSection" error is something which should never happen - it basically means Windows has run out of graphics subsystem resources.


I solved the windows error for the time being in bidule by lowering the display bit depth from 32 to 16 and lowering the refresh rate.

What remains is that anytime I try to load an impulse over about a megabyte in size, I get a memory allocation error from within PerfectSpace.

Ahh...seem to have solved the problem...I had the swap file set to 512 megs.  Turning that over to windows, which increased it to 2 gigs appears to have solved the problem.

OK, glad you solved this problem!
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