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I'm using Sonar 7 with Pristine Space.  So far I'm pretty please with the results but can't find any information on how to use the 8 ins/outs.

What I want to do is have an IR for the left right front channels, a different one for the front center channel and another one for the left-right rear channels.

What I did in Sonar was to create 3 audio track and insert in the Fx slot one instance of PS (on per track) So that's 3 instances of Pristine space, loading an IR in slot 1-2 for the front, loading another IR in slot 1 for the center and finally loading another IR in slot 1-2 for ther rear.

But is it possible to load all my 5 IR in one instance of PS and how to I assign the output to the Sonar tracks (I guess slot 1-2 = front, 3 = center, 4-5 = rear... but how to redirect the results to Sonar).


You simply need to configure Pristine Space IO in its settings window, then perform plug-in rescan, and then reload the project.
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