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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Pristine Space Light 1.5 crashes Tracktion 3

Hi Aleksey,

Just downloaded and installed PS light 1.5, and it crashes Tracktion 3 while trying to load a song that already contains an instance of PS light.  It did not crash the vst scanning process, though.  Reverted back to 1.4 and all is well.  Just for fun, tried reinstalling 1.5, again...same problem.  Tracktion dumps you to the desktop, but continues running in the background.  You have to kill it with Task Manager.

I'm running WinXP, Tracktion 3, on an Athlon64 4000+ with 2 Gig ram.

btw: I installed the new version of GlissEQ at the same time with no problems.

I'm sorry for the problem.  I have fixed it - please use v1.6. (this was the same problem encountered in Pristine Space).

Wow!  That's some really good customer support.  I'll try v1.6 tonight.  Thanks!

edit: Tried v1.6, works great.  Thanks a lot!

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