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Hey there!!,

I've been trying to learn about what the %^&* True Stereo reverb is .I drew out a schematic and believe I now have the right (correct) signal flow in mind :

The input left is put into one convolve slot ( both sides of the stereo wave file are used.The right is doing the same in convole slot2.  They are then summed or " paralled back together.

I can't quite understand why this makes panning less destructive to the whole stereo image( does'nt drag localization with it as much).

I'm mostly wanting to know how to choose IR's ( w/o allot of random peck and hunt ) which slot (1 or 2 in the provided patch) is "staying home " Does that make sense??

Are there any tips you can offer as to what to look into as far as choosing which IR's to use when implementing this feature?? ( other then they should'nt be the same ones).

Also , there is a vendor who says he can provide Ir's for true stereo reverb.  What should I look for in these to make sure it's for real ??

Thanks Aleksey

The reason panning sounds better in "true stereo" is that each of the input channels get convolved by TWO impulses that are then routed to left and right.  So, even if you pan the input hard right, reverb signal will be still present in both channels whereas in standard stereo mode you will lose everything in the left channel.

You may load any impulses in both slots, but they should be different impulses.

As for the libraries, I cannot suggest any readily.  For a high price tag you may check both Waves and Altiverb.  If your budget is limited for this kind of things you may simply use two different impulses I've suggested, or you may even design your own impulses with Impulse Modeler (you may produce some pretty cool impulses with it, and they will be original - but this requires some effort and skill, of course).


Try Samplicity -

They have 2 excellent libraries - the T600 and the L96.

You may well think that you know what well-loved units have been impulsed, but for copyright reasons I could not possibly comment!!

These have stereo impulses, inasmuch as it uses different IR for Left & Right channels.

For the "true stereo" thing, you can get a visual handle on it if you look at the trial of a plugin called SIR2, as this can create stereo/true stereo trees from the impulses.

In "True Stereo", it feeds L to L/R and R to R/L. (okay, this is heavily simplified)

In stereo, it feeds L to L and R to R.

PristineSpace works in exactly the same manner.

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