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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Request: Predelay fine tune.

The predelay control is there, otherwise I would not ask.

I sometimes find myself tweaking down in the 5 through 18 ms range and keep needing finer increments other than 1ms down in that range.  Normally I do not use the predelay control on Pristine Space for anything over 60 or so ms.  I believe increments of 0.1ms would be sufficient for what I am needing to do.

Could this be an easy addition, or do I just need to continue to load a delay that has the fine adjustment capability?

This can really make a huge difference in the perceived overall tonal response and sound of an instrument that has a send going to convolution and you are using a lot of the convolution percentage wise, ie. deeper into the hall but still using significant amounts of the original signal.

You may try holding down the Shift key while adjusting the Delay parameter.

You guys are talking about a predelay feature in Pristine Space.  Where is the knob/which one is it?  I can´t find anything about predelay in Pristine Space in the manual.

This control is called simply 'Delay' - it's near Offset and Length parameters.
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