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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Request: Addition to the volume curve, and a possible bug.

I would like the volume curve to extend to -120 or -130 dB, and have a vertical "expansion" capability much as the current horizontal expansion capability is done.

I would like to take a generic set of overly long impulses from Impulse Modeler and manually manipulate the reverb tail, keeping it as natural as possible, and also at a very high quality to be able to stand up in productions where the current -70dB capability here would actually be noticeable in a detrimental way.

Your current implementation keeps the logarithmic response to the reverb tail easy to do, at least down to -70dB.  I would really like that additional extension.

This will be implemented in the future Pristine Space version - unfortunately I can't get working on it immediately, so this may take time.

Aleksey, I think I know what is bugging me about this feature, probably more so than the final fade.  It is that the volume level when applied according to the db scale shown should have a logarithmic result.  I do believe I am hearing a linear result that does not match the db scale.

Yes, you are right, the fade is linear whereas readouts are logarithmic.  I was unable to implement logarithmic fades together with readouts since this would break compatibility with older projects.  I will take this into account in the future version.

Also, there may be other places that need this type of log adjustment when considering the updates for Pristine Space, so some of the charts and interfacing may need to change so that a linear line produces that log result naturally.

I really do want to do generic overly long impulses in Impulse Modeler, and finish them off to the final requirement using Pristine Space.

I know it will be a while.  Thanks though.  This is a fabulous product.

Thanks for your support!
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