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I cannot register PS - I have followed all the steps and have double and triple checked my registration number and still, PS will not register.  I have tried double clicking the "unregistered" word (didn't work) and also the registration tool from the start menu.  Still no good.  The funny thing is that PS IS regestered and works properly in Cubase 4.  I have put all my plugins in one folder and Adobe Audition (where PS doesn't work) and Cubase 4 (where PS DOES work share the same folder of plugins.

What should I do?

This is very strange, really.  If PS shows 'registered' in Cubase4 it should show the same in Audition.  If you are under Vista you may need to run 'Register' program from the account with administrative rights since it requires to write to the Windows registry.

Works now.

Running the register program as an administrator requires you to right click on the application, navigate to a specific tab and click on an obscure check box which is not at all obvious to us noob Vista users.  It would help to have these special instructions in your Readme somewhere.  If they are there, forgive me.

I continue to constantly use Pristine space in all of my recording projects.  I know that your main thrust is to develop plugins, perhaps sales of Pristine Space would skyrocket if you also developed a library of IR's to go with it.

How about a library of mic IR's to both add the characteristics of particular mics or subtract their coloration.

How about chains - serial IR sets that would act as an input channels: famous mic pre plus famous limiter plus whatever.  Like a Liquid Audio type of application.

How about some stereo to surround IR sets or some B-format decoding sets.

Nearly all of these things can be found on the web in bits and pieces.  If you had a collection of IR set "solutions" proprietary to PS, I think you'd increase sales significantly because you could also market the solutions, not just PS and hope people see its applications.

Just my 2 cents...

David Gauger II


Just some thoughts.

OK, I'll add this information to the 'registration method' shown on the User Area.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

As for the 'special' IR sets like you've mentioned (mics, surround encoding), it's a bit tedious to get them all together.  For example, I have a small collection if mics (around 10 different mics), but this is far from being enough - beside that I do not have a true anechoic chamber to perform good impulse capture.  So, this is a bit out of my ability right now.

As for IR chaining, I have this feature in my plans for the future Pristine Space version.

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