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On multi processor systems is PS optimized to make use of more than one processor?

Pristine Space does not have special multi-processor optimizations, but it works fine if audio host application puts two or more instances on several cores/processors.  This means that a single instance of Pristine Space won't be spread over two cores/processors, but if you load two instances, they will be spread.  I've tested this in Cakewalk Sonar 5, for example, and the boost is around 70% in comparison to single-core mode (and having two Pristine Space instances are running).

Works in Wavelab as well.  Just had a look into 3 instances of PS and they spread nicely over the two Cores of a Dual Core Intel CPU.

If we use modern multi CPU systems, there isn´t much need to spread computing power in between one instance anyway, because the computers are so powerful.

I searched for heavy and long reverbs for this test and reached for the concertgebouw real concert hall and some Lexicon 960 impulses.

With all 3 instances running I hardly see the CPU meter over 6% , distributed to both cores, on a 2.66 GHz Dual Core.  According to CPU-z the processor didn´t even boost up to the real 2.66Ghz, but remained "half steady" at 2000 Mhz, waiting for more to come :)

So it really isn´t a thing to worry about anymore, unless you run 20 instances, go to 96/192kHz, extreme surround/multichannel setups or do other weird things.

Even if run on an older machine, which may handle only one or two instances without problems - the quality is worth it.

Try the noisevault impulse library, e.g. the yardstick or lexicon impulses , lean back and have fun ;)

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