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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space 1.7.1 on soundscape problem

I just installed the new version.  In Soundscape I only see the mono->Stereo version (on a stereo track).  In Wavelab everything runs fine.

Any suggestions?


Unfortunately, I do not have Soundscape platform to check what's wrong.

But I believe this may be a problem with Soundscape's VST support.

Another thing: the latest Pristine Space version fully supports 'arrangements' found in VST specification (this was a required addition since without it Pristine Space was not working in Cubase 4).  So, Pristine Space is now guided by the host regarding to the number of channels it uses.  Maybe something is configured in Soundscape that makes Pristine Space work in mono->stereo mode (also make sure Pristine Space's own channel configuration is 2 in, 2 out).

I suggest you to ask Soundscape support staff for further information.

I will fix the problem if they can find it - but right now I think it is not a problem of Pristine Space since I've checked the latest version in a variety of hosts.

BTW, the latest version is 1.7.2
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