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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Problem with Pristine Space and Waves IR-L in series

I just started fooling around with Waves IR-L convolution reverb.  It came as part of Waves Ren Maxx package.  It is quite amazing how different the same IR sound when loaded into these two different VSTs.  Which is better is probably personal taste so I won't go into it.

Anyway the problem is when running both of these at the same time in series (it does not matter in which order) and I make a volume change on the control of the IR-L it causes the volume of the main dry and wet outs of Pristine Space to change, usually up to max.  That is quite unpleasant for the eardrums.  Changing the volume in the Pristine Space VST has no effect on the Waves IR-L volume settings.  Changing the volume of the IR-L VST also changes Left Right balance in the DAW (Ableton Live 6) so the problem lies with Waves, not Voxengo.

I don't imagine any one here has come across this situation with these two particualr VSTs but maybe you have with some other VSTs that reach into each other and interfere with each others settings.  Any ideas (Alex) ?

Thanks, Rick

I do not really what is wrong in your scenario...  Maybe you could try changing precedence of both plug-ins in the chain?
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