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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Can I install PS Light on a USB key and use on any computer?

I switched to Reaper as my main DAW a while back, and I'm contemplating setting up a complete portable DAW on a USB that I will be able to use on any computer (Reaper is set up for doing this).

Can I install PS Light on the USB key and just use it on whatever computer I happen to be using?

Or does PS Light require something to be installed in the Windows registry to run it?


Voxengo plug-ins require registration information to be stored in the registry.  But you may carry a registry key file along with the DLL.  You'll just need to run the registry key file before using plug-in.

but then the plugin is registered on the other machine. that's bad. i don't want to have my key on other people's machine.

what about this: ?

I've answered there.  Bad or not bad, plug-ins usually need to be pre-installed (or at least copied into VST plug-ins folder).  What you are asking for in that thread is a custom solution, not standardized among VST hosts.  You can basically use that with Reaper only.

I only use Reaper.  But my request wouldn't break anything for other hosts!
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