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These are 2 best convolution reverbs in the world.  But which one is better?

Depends on your choice.  If you like impulse mangling then PS is better.  If you like reverbs 'out of the box' without much visual 'burden' then Wizoo is better.

However, as far as I know, Wizoo is a half-synthetic reverb, and so you probably can't be sure your impulse is played 1-to-1 in Wizoo (but I can't be sure here - sorry if I'm wrong).

Thanks for the answer.

Wizoo can play your IRs 1 to 1,but I think it dont sound exactly same as PS.And this apply to most convoreverbs on the market.You must try.

one need not just "try" to determine if the sound is the same or different. if the sound is the exact same, we only need to run the below outlined phase cancellation test once and everybody can know without having to randomly test by ear. even if there are differences, you can listen to the residue (the cancellation signal) and get an idea of what the differences are sometimes when they are different. heres what you do:

run an identical/same track on 2 channels in mono or stereo panned centre, put one channel out of phase, and you get 0, perfect cancellation, by definition, and in practice. (nuendo/cubase have phase reverse build into channels)

now, if i add convolution reverbs i want to test for differences in sound as inserts, putting one of each convolution reverb you want to test on each channel, load the exact same impulse file on each, put em all on dry signal 100%, reverb on -infinity or bypassed but plugin on (this makes sure the latency for each plug is active so tracks come out aligned in time still).

if you have it set up right, you should still have 0 signal, that is, perfect digital cancellation

enable one reverb plug's reverb signal on one channel, bring the reverb level up, you should hear the reverb only. now with one of the other reverb plugins, that you want to compare for sound, on the other channel, enable and bring up the reverb level to the same db as the first one and if the plugs have identical sound/algorithms, you will get 0 signal again, perfect cancellation. the db ratings may be inaccurate, so you may have to match the level by ear to get exact phase cancellation.

this technique can be done to compare anything to see if it "sounds" different or the same.

my favorite examples are SIR and Pristine Space. they are IDENTICAL process, they cancel out to 0 in the test, meaning they sound EXACTLY the same, by definition. either plugin will suffice as a good convolution reverb. (though i had to choose sir because it has 0 latency, why have latency when you dont need it!)

my other favorite is steinberg nuendo 2 or 3, compared with old nuendo 1.53. after adjusting for project import setting errors (just master out level), but use only inserts, no send effects, a multitrack mixdown from each version canceled out to zero, they sound exactly the same, therefore no improvements have been made to the mix bus sound since 2001, (just half the audio engine efficiency on the newer versions, nuendo 3 runs only HALF as many plugins as old nuendo 1.53!). the funny difference left after cancellation here was hiss, absolutely NO audio signal, just a hiss left as a difference... strange. this was identical 24 bit source tracks used in the test. anyway, still proves that the sound was the same, just some difference in dither or "hiss", which at 24 bits doesent change much about the perceived sound as far as i am concerned.

i believe many loathe blind tests and rigorous scientific method like this because it tells the truth!

SIR and Pristine Space do not cancel out completely.  From what I remember the difference is below -60 dB, but this is usually enough to make preference conclusions, and to hear subtle differences.

W2 and W5 are now dead products - Wizoo were swallowed up by DodgyDesign, who have killed them both off.

There are definite problems in Cubase 4.x and Nuendo 4.x with both:

W2/W5 - High Sample Rate bug.  This also happens in earlier hosts.  As soon as you try to go to 88.2 or 96KHz, it immediately munche sall the CPU.

W5 - Does *not* work in Surround in Nuendo 4.1 (probably not in Cubase 4.1 either) and you get no output.  This is a plugin bug, as you can show yourself by enabling the insert FX routing option in the channel editor - you will see 6 inputs, but no outputs.

Attempting to edit anything will corrupt the project, and after trying to close it you will get the dreaded "Sorry, a serious error has occurred" message.

W2/W5 all have 3 different types of reverb in them:

HDIR - High Definition Impulse Responses.  Developed by Ralph Kessler of Pinguin Audio ( and these are simply outstanding quality.

AIR - Advanced Impulse Response. "Normal" IR


You can mix & match, as well as import your own files too.

They aresimply outstanding in quality - the finest reverbs I have ever used bar none at all, and DodgyDesign killing them off is IMHO a crime against music.  One more good reason to loathe them.

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