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You should simply buy a quad core CPU - should boost the performance a lot.

Thanks for your answer,Aleksey.But Im using Cubase SX3 under W.XP and I m not sure if it can handle these additional power well.So more it looks like I shoud buy new quad core PC,Vista and go to Cubase4.But Im not convinced if this huge investment is worth additional power,especially when my current setup is very stable,running with no other problems.But there are some news about convolution running on GPU-what do you thing about it,maybe this is the right solution?

btw-when I play on Halion through 6 instances of PS in truestereo,Cubase performance meter shows almost 100% CPU,but windows manager shows me only about 70% usage.

Well, GPU may become a solution for convolution soon - however, right now I have not heard about any commercial offerings in this area.

To my knowledge, Cubase does not show CPU load correctly in multi-core setup.

here is someones attempt to get past the static ir's,

not sure if it's effective yet, not intuitive for me to use to know if i'm getting the best results but worth investigating to see if there is anything in this approach we should consider for ps

I'm pretty much aware of possible ways to produce less static reverbs with impulses, but at the moment I'm not certain which ones are most adequate.  What I'm sure about is that there is little sense in adding a built-in chorus FX, because it can be added on FX send, and there is a wide choice of chorus effects from various vendors - I do not see a reason to force use of a particular chorus.

On the other hand, "load and forget" plug-in use practice suggests that chorus can be a useful addition, so this is an option anyway.

the 'reverberate' incorporates three possible solutions, modulating between two ir's, chorus, and LFO eq's.

a chorus either side of ps is absolutely not a solution as it does not give the desired effect, so it is more than convenience. it would need to be inbetween ir's, or on the ir itself, not the music (can that be done?) have it so it can be loaded into a slot so you can also take advantage of the routing options and ordering

I personally do not see a reason to fluctuate between two different IRs, because they usually carry different spatial information.  Frequency response fluctuations seems to be the only "logical" variation.

This is EXACTLY what I asked for at the start of this topic.Im so sorry that it was another company to bring this revolutionary improvement...

But maybe its not too late- still there is big room for improvements /missing freehand or random soft mod.curves,better quality chorus etc...I can put down details if somebody is interested/

To Aleksey-this feature CANNOT be replaced by inserting plugins of other vendors before /autopan/ or after /chorus,modulated eq/ Pristine space.


-you cannot find ANY vst autopanner with stereopanlaw of-3 db

-you hardly find as good eq with modulation

But maybe Im wrong,so let me know.

Filter plug-ins usually offer modulation possibilities.  I personally do not see how far better a built-in EQ modulation function can be.

What is the purpose of autopan for this purpose?  IMO reverb panning does not really resemble any realistic effect.

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