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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space PS on an FX-Teleport slave: buffer settings?

I am aware of the recommendation of PS buffer size set to 1/4 of the ASIO buffer when run on a single DAW.

I am using a dedicated reverb PC (Sempron 3000) via FX-Teleport that can easily handle 2 True-Stereo PS-instances, using 50-60% CPU on this slave.

I still get a significant amount of dropouts in FX-Teleport.  Sometimes even when I set the Teleport buffer to a very large value.

Is there also a recommendation for the PS buffer setting when used via FX-Teleport?

I have tried a lot of tweaking with all my buffers, but still can't rid of the dropouts!

I assume this is an issue with FX-Teleport and NOT with Pristine Space, which works flawlessly when used in my DAW's mixers (Cubase 4 and Logic 5.5.1).

If I use 64 byte buffers in PS and the CPU remains acceptably low, is such a small buffer then recommended?  Or will it somehow interface with or relate to my DAW's buffer settings?  The smaller the better?  Or am I risking dropouts/crackles in PS itself?


Peter E.  Roos (music) / (IR-libraries)

Peter Emanuel Roos / (IR libs)

If Pristine Space works OK on your computer, without FX-Teleport, using roughly the same settings, it may be some kind of inefficiency of FX-Teleport.  Of course, Pristine Space also tends to generate drop-outs due to its block processing nature (a though problem to solve).

I cannot suggest any ready setting - I suggest you to try to find the best one for your requirements yourself.

Thanks Aleksey,

I solved the dropouts by installing upgrading to a Gbit connection and returning to TCP instead of UDP in FX-T.  I am now running PS remotely with a 64 byte buffer, with the host (DAW) using a 256 byte buffer (HDSP 9652) and FX-Teleport using a 512 byte buffer.  The reported latency in Cubase is now 512/11.2 msec in total, which is fine for my applications.


Peter Emanuel Roos / (IR libs)

OK, glad to hear!
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