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Hi there,

I may be a little naive here but I am finding it impossible to line up a dry and wet signal in pristine space.

I want to use PS on a master out channel to apply compression to a stereo master, but need to mix the wet and dry signals without phasing out the two signals.

I have zoomed in to the impulse I am using with the ALT key in the impulse window and used the shift key to get as close as possible to the first spike of the impulse and drag it bang on the red line ( I am using the +512 latency mode as suggested )

Whatever I do if I bring up the wet signal it is always very slightly out of sync with the dry signal and phasing occurs.  I have tried to move the offset by 1 or 2 clicks either way and this doesn't remedy it.

I have the following set up

Slot 1 Slot 2

1l 1l 2l 2l

INl --- INR ---

OUT l --- OUTR ---

Max Max

Link to --- Link to ---

The link to setting above the file menu is set to --- don't know if this is correct.

Both my impulses are mono 24 bit samples with a length of 0.284s and it seems an offset of 0.0061s to put them on the red line.

Sorry for the long post but if anyone can give me pointers as to how to do this I would be really grateful,

Thanks Michael.

I think this won't be possible in almost any case, because 'compressor' impulses usually have a lot of phase delays that are introduced by A/D conversion and the compressor device itself.

You may apply various 'hardware' impulses in 100% wet mode only.  Otherwise it is hard to line them up, even if you are doing it manually, shifting by 1 sample.

And just for your information, it is impossible to compressor nor limit signal by using impulses. 'Hardware' impulses can only be used for equalizing and applying phase coloration.  Dynamics is out of reach of standard impulses.

Thats interesting because applying these hardware impulses in 100% wet mode definitiely gives the listener the "impression" of compression eg a denser overall sound with less peaks and a more consistent feel.  How are the impulses achieving this - just through eq and coloration?

Yes, they may give the feeling of compression, because, for example, equalizing alone can give you such feeling.  It is simple: decrease the loudness of frequencies with a lot of dynamics in them, in a favor of frequencies that do not have as much dynamics, and you'll have a feeling of a bit compressed sound.
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