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Hi Aleksey,

This might seem a bit goofy at first but I was wondering if you would consider adding m-s to Pristine Space.  The reason is that I was remastering something tonight and somehow (hehe) a backup vocal is masking the lead vocal at certain points.  I used MSED and set up all the proper routings in Reaper and just threw some reverb on the "side" to defocus a bit leaving the mid dry.  It's kinda tough to do A/B comparison with all those routings and busses happening so I thought it would be nice if Pristine Space could do m-s internally.

Thanks for considering this,


How do you see this should work?  Should it be a mono reverb applied to Side channel which is then converted back to stereo?  What kind of M/S options do you need?

Yes I think that's it, mono reverb applied to either mid, side, or both.

Well I just tried it again tonight and I must've had Pristine Space set up wrong cause I seem to be able to do what I need now.  Here's what I have.

MSED Encode --> Pristine Space --> MSED Decode

This puts Mid (mono) on the Left channel and Side on the Right channel as far as the inputs to Pristine Space are concerned.

I set up Pristine Space using 2 slots:

slot 1 "Slot/CHN" = 1/L , "Aud In" = IN L , "Aud Out" = OUT L , "Link To" = ---

slot 2 "Slot/CHN" = 2/R , "Aud In" = IN R , "Aud Out" = OUT R , "Link To" = ---

For each slot 1 (Mid) and slot 2 (Side) I have Dry and Wet control and then I have Main wet/dry and switches.  To A/B the color Pristine Space adds I simply bypass the effect using the FX chain switch.

Hmmm - what could be easier?  I think I got tangled up last night because I couldn't get slot 2 CHN to switch to "R" - probably because I didn't have an impulse in the slot now that I think of it.

Well this is pretty easy using MSED it seems - all I'm doing is switching to M/S at Pristine's inputs and switching back to L/R at the outputs - more or less.  So I suppose if you were going to do it internally "Aud In" would have IN L, IN R, IN M, IN S as choices but that would really complicate things I would think(?)

Sorry about the long post - I just need to set up Pristine Space correctly it looks like!

Take Care,


Yes, MSED should be OK to use.  In fact, even if I had to implement such option in Pristine Space I do not think it could be implemented differently - it would internally look as the chain you've already shown: M/S encode - PS processing - M/S decode.

Cool Aleksey!  I like it when you have already implemented my idea before I think of it - :)

Take Care,


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