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Hi there,

I'm unclear on what exactly I should do with the presets when setting up Pristine Space on a stereo bus as an effects send.

I want to setup a stereo reverb send correctly and get the most out of PS.  Which preset should I be using and how exactly should I load the impulses?

I'm using Sonar 6 and I insert PS on a stereo bus and route my audio sends to that bus to add reverb to them.  The stereo bus is routed to the master output.

Currently I'm using the "true stereo reverb send" preset.  Since this preset turns on 4 channels I load the same stereo impulse in slot 1 and 2.  Is this neccesary?  Or, should I be splitting my stereo impulses in to seperate files for L and R and load them into slots 1 and 2 respectively?

Also, with my audio tracks, each effects send has a pan setting.  Should I be setting the pan of this effects send to the same setting as the pan of the audio track iteself?

Thanks in advance.


I think you should be using '2ch stereo send' preset with one impulse loaded. 'True stereo' is for reverbs with 2 impulses (they should be prepared accordingly or they won't work as 'true stereo' - however, you may use any two impulses if you care about sound alone - and not about 'correctness').

You do not need to synchronize effects send pan and reverb send channel's pan.  Otherwise it will be a double panning.


Thank you for the clarification.


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