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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space PS and MAX/MSP from Cycling/74

I am using MAX/MSP with pristine space.

MSP has signal processing objects, and one of them is vst~ , which is a VST host.

I tried to use the vst~ with pristine space.

The object is initialized with "vst~ 4 4", since I need 4 audio in and 4 audio out, and this should initialize the vst host accordingly.

PS offers only 2 in's ( all others are grey) but the PS text read "4 in, 4 out" (which was my setting for PS)

I know, that not a lot of people use this setup, but maybe someone tried this.


Are you loading PS directly as VST, or through VST Wrapper?

I am not sure.  MAX/MSP is offering the vst~ - object to load VST-plug ins.  When I initialize the object, it ask me for the vst-plug in folder and the plug-in I want to load, in this case, PS.  So I think you can call it a wrapper.

I asked on the MAX-mailing list, and people told me that with other vsts, they have been able to use more than 2 in's.

On the other hand, what would be the difference, if I run 2 instances with 2 ins versus 1 instance with 4 ins?

PPS: Can I send an initial command to the plug in to set the value of ins/outs ?

There will be no difference regarding CPU load between 2 plug-ins with 2 inputs/outputs and 1 with 4 inputs/outputs.

Number of inputs/outputs can only be switched on the user interface.

It can be also true that MAX/MSP does not update internal information about plug-in.  So, after you switch the number of inputs/outputs, it simply won't update.  Maybe you should also check for an option to 'rescan' plug-ins inside MAX/MSP (I'm not familiar with this host myself).

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