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Hello all; I am very new to the exciting concept of Impulse Response and am yet to purchase a full copy of Pristine space, but am so far am very impressed with the quality, distinctiveness and diverseness of the sample impulses that I have downloaded and listened to via the demo.

My main application for needing IR is in music recording using Cubase … I absolutely hate the quality of all of the Steinberg reverbs that come with the Cubase product and none of them sound and transparent and musical as an old Roland DEP5 I have which I bought in 1989!  I have also tried a Waves IR1 V5 demo, but the presets I heard were very unimpressive and had a tendency towards the cavernous/muddy sound that the Steinberg and other “freebie” plug-ins have (I am sure the Waves people would be very angry at me for saying that and clearly I have not understood how to use their product).  Anyway vendor comparison was not at all the purpose of my post; alas I am rambling!

My real question is in relation to a requirement a film director friend of mine has.  He recently recorded a verbal dialogue scene outside in an open-topped car but on completing the scene he found that there was some undesirable background noise so he had to re-recorded the audio dialogue track at home in an acoustically “dead” environment for overdubbing.  However he now feels that the dialogue sounds wrong when played against the scene and he wants to add an “outside” type of effect to the voices (a reverb treatment?) but doesn’t know what to use.  My initial impression was that the main characteristic of an outdoor ambience is not so much the reflections in response to the voices themselves (since outdoors could technically be regarded as an extremely large sized room where very little reflection occurs), so much as the extraneous noise that occurs in the outside world such as kids playing, dogs barking, traffic noise and the general “hum” of the world.  Or am I wrong?  Could there be an impulse response that could be created that sounds like outdoors?  Your thoughts would be appreciated!  Many thanks in advance.

Nick Barrett

Leigh-on-Sea, Essex UK

The most obvious solution in relation to Pristine Space plug-in is to perform impulse capture process that consists of swept sine playback, recording and deconvolution - the necessary steps are described in the Voxengo Deconvolver user's manual.

Then you can use that impulse response to apply to the overdub sound.

Of course, you may need to add background 'street' sounds to finish the picture.

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