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hey Aleksey, firstly I would like to thank you greatly for adding the new features to PS Light.

I am noticing a problem with the Show Mode = "Wet" option.  This is what I do...

1.  Switch to Show Mode = Wet

2.  Load an Impulse

3.  Turn on the volume envelope

4.  Add several points to the volume envelope

At this point, the waveform is not updated automatically, I must Switch the Show Mode to "Dry" then back to "Wet" to update the display.

I tested this with PS Full and it works properly so I think it only must happen in PS Light.

Any ideas ?

Thanks a lot


I've posted v1.3.1 which fixes this issue.

Aleksey thank you so much for your help, 1.31 did fix this issue but it still seems that the screen updating is not perfect.  When I disable the volume envelope, the display doesn't revert back to the original waveform.  Also, the following scenario doesn't work...

1.  Volume envelope is disabled

2.  I draw some points on the envelope

3.  Switch to Wet display mode

4.  Enable volume envelope

The waveform is not updated until I add another point on the envelope.

Sorry to keep reporting these bugs Aleksey, the PS Full version works a lot better for this so you may wish to refer to your code from the full version.  The full version seems to be totally bug free in relation to the Display Mode control.



I'm sorry for that. (I should have checked better).  I've now uploaded v1.3.2.  Thanks for your bug report.

hey Aleksey, 1.32 seems perfect, thank you so much for taking the time to fix the bugs I mentioned.

Keep up the great work ! :D



Alrighty, I have just been using PS Light 1.32 for some mixing sessions and also noticed one other little thing that doesn't seem to happen with PS Full.

When I load an impulse with PS Light, I get a CPU spike.  I tested with 1.2 and 1.2 also does this but it is a little more severe in 1.32.

Any idea why the CPU is being overloaded while loading impulses with PS Light Aleksey ?  I am running a Pentium D 3.0 GHz CPU.



I'm not sure there are differences between PS Light v1.2 and v1.3.2, and PS Full in that department.  Such spike was always there and it mainly depends on the latency setting of the plug-in.  This spiking is unavoidable.

No worries Aleksey, thank you very much for responding :D



You are welcome!
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