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Hello there!

First of all: Great job.  I love PS!  Congratulations and thank U.

Now the question:

I’m working on Cubase SX and I cannot manage to route effect sends to PS slots (inputs) separately (I mean, without having all active impulses returning for each signal send).  I’m trying to apply different reverbs to different tracks trough effect sends without having to open more than one PS instance.  Is this possible?

Thanks a lot

I think this is impossible to do with the current version Cubase SX.  You may do this in other modular (though, less sophisticated overall) hosts like EnergyXT, AudioMulch and others.

As far as I know, this is the feature many Cubase SX owners would like to have, but Steinberg still have not managed to implement it.

Thank you for your feedback on PS!

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