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What if, for the sake of argument :), if someone had purchased Pristine Space Light and then purchased Sonar 5.0PE which includes Perfect Space, could this someone load Pristine Space and Perfect Space into the same project?  In th past only one instance of Pristine Space was allowed.


Should be no problems.

I do not understand what means 'only one instance allowed'.  You may use as many instances of Pristine Space as you want.

Thanks for the quick response.  I was under the impression that I could not load Pristine Space more than once in a project.  That is, it would not work if say, I had one instance on track one FX bin and tried to load up another instance in the FX bin for track two.  I thought I had tried this and it did not work.  Am I mistaken?

BTW: love Pristine Space and Voxformer......waiting for others when money is better.  Thanks for all your support and good work.

That's strange...  Anyway, please try the latest Pristine Space version.
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