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during christmas party, my sister showed me a Video-Recording (DV) from her latest gig.  She is an acclaimed saxophone player.  She played a concert in a gigantic old , empty Gas Tank (in the former industrial coal region of Germany), which was completely made of steel, about 100 meter in height, and 40 meter in diameter,

It was gigantic.  It is one of these rare "goosebumb times" record.  Every single note stood for at least a minute, if not longer, in the huge, old steel silo, wandering around the round walls up and down.

The Gas Tank was teared down a few days later. (It was a sad moment for all fans of industrial memorials)

My question: It is recorded with the camera mic,(digital) and the sound is ok, but not excelent.  It is possible to extract the IR from the recording?  I would love to to a remix and add some instruments, but within the ambiente.  There is no test tone.  My sister could replay the phrases in a dead room, but would this help?



I think it may not be possible to recover usable impulses.  But you may try to locate clicks/claps/short sounds with a prolonged reverb in the recording and use them as an impulse, instantly.  By using an EQ you may adjust the sound of the impulse to better resemble the original sound.
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