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I was trying out some true stereo impluses (using 2 stereo impulses) and I noticed the image seemed to be off-centre.

I think this is bacuse Auto Gain is applied seperately to each impulse each impulse could get a different gain - is this true?

Please do not forget to use 'Link To' option (below the Delay and Gain controls).

Thanks for the reply!

I thought of using the one just below the gain control, but the manual says:

'You can use the "Link To" selector to link the Offset and Delay controls of the currently selected slot to another slot.'

Does it link the gain too?

And does it link the automatically generated gain if I turn Again on?

Ah, I just reread the manual and found the bit about the "+" button next to the link, which turns on linking of the gain too.

And listening to it it seems to also link the auto gain too.

Yes, that was the "+" switch you were looking for.  Indeed, it was originally added for linking auto-gain between slots.
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