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for some reverb impulses id rather their was no delay before the impluses waveform starts. so i was wondering if it would be useful to have a 'snap' type button next to the offset control which would snap the offset to the true begining of the impulses waveform, by detecting movement above -80db or something? then i could fully control the pre-delay with just the delay parameter. or it could go a bit further, and after snapping the offset automatically adjust the delay parameter to the amount the offset has been moved?

also it would be great if when you changed the volume env the waveform was updated.



also the ability to make the graph lines curve by holding down some key would be nice, as i find i have to insert a lot of handles before envelopes sound smooth.


You may already see the affected waveform - just change the 'Show Mode' switch to 'Wet'.

As for the 'trim initial silence' feature, I suggest you to perform such trimming yourself - it's not hard to do.  Just zoom-in into the first part of the impulse and adjust the Offset parameter.

Curve graph support is not planned at the moment.  But may appear in the future.

Thank you for your message!

hi aleksey,

great, didnt realise i could see the affected waveform, thanks!

yes ive been doing the trimming myself by 'alt' zooming in, and you're right its not hard, im just lazy, and like the idea of it performing more like an alogrithmic reverb. no worries, i'll get used to it.

curve graph would be really nice if you consider it, but i can see it may be a fairly large overhall, considering all the different overlays.



just wanted to say, ive had a quick go with the waveform view set to wet, and it makes all the difference. pretty much negates my desire for a curving graph, as now i can see why i couldnt get stuff quite so smooth.

sorry, im just rubish at reading manuals, despite reading most of this one.


I'm glad this is clear to you now.
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