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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space why does PS sound different when in zero latency mode?

im trying the PS demo in sx3.1.1, and have noticed that when run in zero latency mode the sound changes. the low end isnt as deep, it feels like theres not as much reverb down there.

why is this, cant see it mentioned in the manual?

my system is new and fast (intel dual core), soundcard buffer at 512.


There should be no differences.  If you are sure there are differences, please make a short mixdown with just Pristine Space at zero and at non-zero latency settings and send me both files to so that I can check it out myself.

there are definately differences, its not even that subtle.

ive just discovered though it doesnt seem to happen in sx2.2!

but in sx3.1.1 the sound at normal latency is as it should be, whereas at zero latency the sound changes. i think my initial low end descprition is very inaccurate though, as it greatly depends on the impulse, and is more of an overall different sound in env and colour?

anyway, files on their way.


Thanks for the files.  I will be working on a fix.

I think I've managed to fix that problem.  Please download and install beta v1.5.9.
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