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Yannick, do you have any means to 'reset' plug-in information in the Mixer?  It is possible that preset structure changed between these versions (1.4a and 1.5) and so mixer is probably using some older values.

Do you mind if I send you a couple of other PS beta tries?


Soundscape was not able to open the presets created with 1.4a and before in later versions of PS.

That is why I never got round to using the latest versions.

Now Soundscape have made a change, so PS1.5 opens the old 1.4a presets, I thought at first this was the problem, but I checked the older Soundscape mixer version that did not allow this, and the slowdown remains.

I also have it with empty presets with nothing loaded !

So the mixer is using standard (empty) values of a freshly inserted PS instance, and I get the slowdown (after I saved the mixer).

You can always send me more beta versions :-)

OK, here's another version to try.  The only difference is that it contains 8 preset slots per bank instead of 64. (pre v1.4 used to have 8 preset slots as well).

Beta 1.5.7

I'm sorry.  The problem stays.

I'm starting to feel guilty here !

I'm going to try to do some more tests with older Soundscape versions - but I don't think it will be different.

No need to feel guilty. :)

I'll have to sit down and think for a while then...  Hopefully this can be resolved after all.  I'm just wondering what's wrong here as other plug-ins use the same preset management scheme - so, they should have been giving alike problems.

I returned to V1.4a to work effeciently.

However, I built a mixer for a live project, with 1.4a in zero latency mode.

In this mode 1.4a ALSO has the Soundscape user interface slowdown !

So it could be linked to this feature, and something has to have changed in later versions, because there I get the slowdown with all latencies.

OK, thanks for the information...  This still is pretty weird problem, but I keep trying to find a cause of this problem.  Hopefully it can be resolved after all.

I'm not sure this will fix the problem, but please try beta v1.5.8:

beta v1.5.8

No change ...

I'm not giving up :)
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